Seller Hub is the UK’s fastest growing wholesale directory for fashion products and suppliers.

Buyer benefits

  • 100% free to use
  • No registration or sign in required
  • Browse and search wholesale products
  • Browse and search wholesale suppliers
  • Follow links to purchase immediately from suppliers


Supplier benefits

  • Free trial period
  • Product showcase - an unlimited number of products
  • Company showcase – full HTML home page included
  • Easy bulk product upload
  • Drive buyers to purchase immediately from your site


Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes hard work, tenacity and luck. It is not a path for everyone and often only the most motivated individuals succeed. Having said this, the wholesale industry is actually more complex than it needs to be.

A couple of burning questions for any budding entrepreneur are what to sell, and where to buy it from. And answering these questions can require hundreds of hours of research. Incumbent trade directories and marketplaces claim to help here but in fact are often part of the problem.

These sites display a jumbled mess of supplier data. They force potential buyers to sign up and pay just to view a supplier's contact details. Buyers have to contact each supplier in turn to find out what products are currently in stock. Wash-rinse-repeat. Retail customers wouldn't put up with this experience. So why should wholesale buyers?



Seller Hub was born from a desire to do things differently.

Our value proposition is simple. We provide a platform for reputable suppliers to showcase their companies, products and services in the best possible light and to a wide audience. By presenting all of this information in one place, we massively reduce the time and effort required for buyers to find what they need and make a purchasing decision. And this is all wrapped up within a clean and simple online experience. Try us out and see for yourself!

Seller Hub is driving new standards within the online wholesale industry. If you like what we're doing or if you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

The Seller Hub team